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  • How do I care for my Harper j. Jewelry?
    Simply polish with a soft cloth! We know everyone wants to be fabulous poolside, but please don't wear your Harper j. jewelry while swimming or bathing to maintain integrity and prevent tarnishing. Beauty sleep is a must, but be sure to remove Harper j. jewelry beforehand and do not submerge in jewelry cleaners.
  • Are the button and charms used by Harper j. authentic?
    YES! At Harper j., we only buy authentic pieces to create our handcrafted and custom pieces. We remove buttons and charms by hand and buy only from reputable dealers.
  • How can I be featured on the Harper j. social media pages?
    We LOVE to hear from you and see you wearing your Harper j. jewelry! Please send us pictures or tag us and we will repost and share!! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook at Harper j. Vintage Design
  • Does Harper j. partner with any charities?
    At Harper j. we are committed to help out wherever we can! We will run special discount days where a percentage of proceeds will go to various charities. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates to join us and give back!
  • How does shipping work at Harper j.?
    Harper j. uses USPS Priority Mail for shipping its unique pieces. We love USPS Priority Mail because it provides piece-of-mind with insurance, a unique tracking code, and quick delivery!
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